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Nowadays, with regard to the urban traffic and life style, environmental advertisements have more audiencesin comparisonwith other media. Environmental media is an ideal media for branding because of daily repetition and transfer of massages, high effectiveness, and reasonable.
Today, with regard to the development of urbanization and pathways, a special possibility has been achieved for formulating communication strategy in the field of environmental media and with regard to the features of this type of advertisement in connection with introduction and development of brand through access to different social classes (audiences), it has created a special attraction in advertisement industry. Commoditymanufacturersand servicerenderers talk to their audiences, using different types of advertising boards and fix their massages in their unconscious mind.
One of the best advantages of the environmental advertisements which caused it to be better than other advertising media, is that the audiences are forced to see them because they can't stop their eyes seeing different colors and designs around them.